How Can We Help You?

If you are a commercial or industrial consumer with an annual energy spend of more than $350k then we can help you understand the opportunities for cost and Energy Reduction open to you.

We deliver real, verifiable energy and cost reductions and, for a lot of organizations, represent the best energy management option as we bring expertise and people to your site to help.

Are you using too much energy?

Based upon your energy use and the sector and/or buildings that you are working in we can provide you with a consumption estimate.

free Energy Assessment?
Providing us with your annual energy cost and consumption data will give us enough information to estimate:

  1. How much energy you should be able to save yourself
  2. The range of savings you would achieve working with RUMM USA

If you and we are both convinced that energy saving opportunities exist for your site then the next step is a Comprehensive Audit and Plan:

CAP – a Comprehensive site Audit and Plan that will provide the following:

  1. Design and cost for installation of a comprehensive energy monitoring system, incorporating existing and new meters and collection technology.
  2. A prioritized list of potential energy saving projects with projected ROI (Cap Ex costs and associated savings)
  3. Data analysis of your existing ½ hourly utility supply data demonstrating IBASS software to highlight saving opportunity at your business
  4. An estimate of savings by proceeding with the CAP recommendations on your own.
  5. A business case outlining your savings over 5 years in partnership with RUMM USA including a 2 year cash flow analysis and capital spend requirements
  6. A financial model for a 5 year program of energy consumption savings

The final stage is to implement the plan outlined in the CAP:

This is where RUMM USA brings its expertise and resources to deliver the savings identified.  RUMM USA will provide a full energy management services which include:

  • The installation of a metering infrastructure
  • Utilizing IBASS cloud based analytical software to review consumption
  • Allocating a dedicated RUMM USA Energy Manager maximize your energy conservation measures.
  • Project manage energy savings initiatives on your behalf
  • Formally report savings against the plan to ensure the business plan is met

We work closely to each customer to fit our capabilities and services to your specific needs.