PULSE is a stable platform specifically developed to provide class-leading compatibility and reliability.  Robust technology ensures that all metering data and data from other sources (production, temperature, speed, etc.) is effectively collected and transmitted to remote servers.

The PULSE system is deployed as the local data collection unit integrated with the metering infrastructure to deliver data to IBASS.

With an enhanced operating system and network capability, PULSE can communicate with the vast majority of meter types.  This includes most pre-existing meters, avoiding the unnecessary cost of replacement.  PULSE has control capability to allow the switching off of devices according to specific parameters or complex formulae.

RUMM PULSE 2 DCS Diagram 300x199 PULSE

PULSE collects multi-parameter smart meter data on various communication protocols including Modbus, Profibus and Ethernet. PULSE has been designed to allow for the easy integration of new meter types and protocols as sub-metering technology continues to evolve.

Utility consumption data is sent to a Microsoft SQL database server utilizing Mitsubishi’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and secure 3G/WAN transmission.

PULSE hardware is composed of a Mitsubishi Q-series PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen to ensure long term service and parts availability from an established manufacturer.  In the case of a communication outage the PULSE system can buffer months of data on SDRAM ensuring continuity of historical information.  Remote diagnostics and configuration further safeguard against unnecessary outages, delays, or data loss.