Energy Management Software (IBASS)

IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite)

Why is RUMM USA’s energy management software so good?

IBASS is RUMM’s powerful and intuitive proprietary energy management software suite.

IBASS tracks a broad spectrum of information related to energy consumption, production data, and other key variables.  An intuitive, mobile enabled user interface quickly sorts and organizes the data to help you focus on the information that is important to you.  Key metrics and events are tracked and identified with custom reporting, alarms, and dashboards.

Whether drilling all the way down to ½ hourly raw data or using analytical tools to help identify and prioritize energy conservation opportunities, IBASS provides easy visualization of energy use.

IBASS has been developed from the perspective of an Energy Management end-user to present information in easily understood visual formats and tables.  It is configured to track energy consumption relative to a wide variety of variables including day, shift, department, unit of production, and more.  With this approach energy use can be tracked in the same way as other costs and efficiencies.

Energy efficiency dashboards share energy data throughout the organization or even drive status boards in central locations.  Status boards allow the entire organization to better understand how decisions and behaviors affect energy use.

RUMM USA customers have direct access to the power of IBASS and it is a tool used by our Energy Account Managers to provide energy management services.

An example of IBASS screens:

IBASS 5 KPI normalised Energy Management Software (IBASS)

RUMM’s IBASS 5 has cutting edge dashboards and KPI reports with data available for mobile devices. It has been built using the latest .NET technologies. The .NET Framework 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 5. This helps provide a sophisticated, scalable application that is based upon known standards and offers compatibility across a range of devices from desktop web clients to roaming IPADs.

It is a pure SaaS model and provides multi-threaded simultaneous concurrent web browsing from anywhere in world.

IBASS 5 mobile Energy Management Software (IBASS)

Mobile Enabled IBASS 5 Screenshots

Screenshot Example – Menu Options in Tablet Format

IBASS 5 menu Energy Management Software (IBASS)

Screenshot Example – Dashboard/KPI Reports to Mobile Devices

IBASS 5 KPI mobile Energy Management Software (IBASS)

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