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  • 17th Dec 2018

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Business could save £1bn through energy behaviour change

British companies could save as much as £1bn on their energy bills by changing their ‘energy behaviours’ rather than rely on technical solutions, according to Npower energy experts as reported in the Telegraph this week. Each company could save between 3-15pc, or an average saving of 9pc, the supplier added.

Read the full article

Energy matters: How to gain a commercial advantage with behaviour change

The topic of energy efficiency has been around for decades, but few have successfully tackled and changed the behaviour of those people who occupy the buildings.
Dave Horton, Energy specialist, and Phil Griffiths, Low Carbon Psychologist from npower Business Solutions, share their knowledge and experience in behavioural change and how it can affect the bottom line. Behaviour change can be as part of a series of integrated measures to deliver real, measurable reductions in energy consumption, costs and carbon, which can be translated to Board level to prove the essential role sustainability plays in a competitive business.

Behaviour change offers a low-cost solution to energy efficiency. Behaviour is visible, measurable and specialists are able to influence behaviour in order to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which in this case are energy usage / carbon reduction.

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out how to conduct behaviour change and decide which behaviour project you should choose to action.

npower and RUMM – Business Energy Solutions

RUMM are now part of npower!

Yesterday was a milestone in our development as RUMM were acquired by RWE npower.  This is a huge endorsement of our energy services and technologies.  RUMM will now be part of a huge organisation with the resources to enable us to grow and support current and future customers. We will be providing more details over the next few weeks.  Meanwhile the link below has more information.

RUMM Establishes Exciting Partnership with Turbine Efficiency for Spanish Opportunity



Pic1 RUMM Establishes Exciting Partnership with Turbine Efficiency for Spanish Opportunity


RUMM have begun working with Turbine Efficiency Power Services Limited, who specialise in providing electrical power solutions globally.  The company is progressive and fast growing and has developed a holistic approach to the power needs of its customers.

With Turbine Efficiency looking after the energy supply side for their customers, RUMM will concentrate on reducing the amount of energy consumed by the user.

The first opportunity to develop a Supply & Demand offering with Turbine Efficiency has been at a large chemical manufacturing facility in Barcelona (pictured above).  Following an extensive site study (in the January sun!) a full analysis will be undertaken by both companies to understand how much the customer could benefit from a joint Supply & Demand Side Management approach.

RUMM are very pleased to be linked to such a progressive company as Turbine Efficiency. We are excited by the business prospects and customer benefits that should result from this offering.

Enjoying some winter sun is to be welcomed too!

RUMM to boost staffing levels by more than 50% to meet growing demand this year

We are engaged in a major expansion of our business.  After 10 years hard work it’s great to become an overnight success!  One of the key reasons is the increase in the market brought about by ESOS – Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme – an EU energy initiative that requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for large enterprises.

The Carbon Trust has indicated that to date, too few lead assessors have been accredited to carry out these audits, which could lead to a bottleneck as the compliance deadline of December 2015 approaches.

RUMM has been carrying out this kind of audit for large companies for many years and all of RUMM’s energy account managers are ESOS recognised lead assessors.

RUMM already employs 26 staff, and aims to increase staffing levels to 40 to meet demand.

 Dr Steve Lloyd, RUMM co-founder and Chairman, says, “These will be sustainable, knowledge-based jobs, and will include graduate engineers, scientists, installation technicians as well as other support staff, however, our intention is that this level of staffing will continue permanently, and not just for the duration of the ESOS scheme, as we build relationships with customers throughout the UK and they understand the cash saving benefits of lowering energy consumption an on-going basis.”

RUMM currently works with customers across the industrial and commercial sectors to make significant savings in energy costs and carbon.  For example, Amtico, Zodiac Group, Welsh Water, the Celtic Manor Resort, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Yuasa Batteries etc.  Our clients have saved more than £40m in energy costs.

“Our ultimate target is to make energy savings of £1bn,” confirms Dr Lloyd. “The ESOS programme will place us well on the road to achieving that.”

RUMM co-founder and Director of Sales Jamie Watkins adds, “We are already geared up to take on the challenge presented by ESOS both in terms of expertise and innovative technologies. Our innovative technologies are also allowing us to partner with some of the major energy providers in the marketplace in the UK & Europe. Now we just need extra staff to deliver it all, as well as building up long-term partnerships with major enterprises throughout the UK.  Large consumers, those with energy bills over £250k per annum – benefit hugely from the substantial energy savings we can make for them by installing the appropriate technical infrastructure and supplying specialist resource.”

If you are interested in working with a talented team in a high growth area within a rapidly expanding company please email your CV to

Congratulations Professor!


Steve Thomas Picture 300x245 Congratulations Professor!








Co-founder, director and company secretary of RUMM Steve Thomas has been appointed Professor of Innovation and Engagement at the University of South Wales.

A Professorship in Innovation and Engagement is a prestigious title and is the most senior designation bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in enterprise related activities. Steve has been recognised for his outstanding contribution in innovation and engagement activities and applied research.  A significant element of Steve’s application was based on his spin-out activity with Steve Lloyd (Chairman), particularly the applied research and energy management work at RUMM.

Steve will continue to act as the main conduit between RUMM and the university to ensure continued successful research collaboration which has been key in the development of RUMM’s energy saving technologies.

Find Out How the Future Might Look In Manufacturing

News Item 141x300 Find Out How the Future Might Look In Manufacturing


RUMM are an event partner at Mitsubishi’s Future Manufacturing Event held at Sheffield University on March 17th. The ‘Future Manufacturing Event’ is a combination of seminars, exhibitions and one-to-one contact with experts and is intended to appeal to anyone working in manufacturing, engineering or automation and interested in where manufacturing and technology are today and where they will be in the near future.

The seminar programme is split into two parts – one concentrating on Energy Solutions the other Industry 4.0 (the internet of things). RUMM are contributing to the Energy Solutions Seminars but will be very keen to gain any new insight to emerging technologies that will help our own technology developments.

We will be delighted to invite existing and prospective customers along to this timely event. Please contact us if you would like any further information or if you would like us to arrange a free invitation.

RUMM Creates New Brand with Mitsubishi – MelEnergy to Help Industrial Consumers Reduce Energy Use and Address ESOS Compliance

RUMM has been working with Mitsubishi to develop long term energy management solutions for business that will also address the requirements of ESOS legislation.  The resulting brand MelEnergy will be launched early in 2015.  A good number of companies have already sought advice and support as they prepare to address ESOS.  Both RUMM and Mitsubishi believe that there are great benefits to be realised from a positive approach to engaging in energy reduction strategies (see below link to PDF file).

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

MelEnergy will provide the energy management software platform and technical expertise to develop the best energy saving options for you.

RUMM are delighted to be working closely with Mitsubishi who boasts over 90 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the world.  The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized world leader.



An Industry first as RUMM employs a Low Carbon Psychologist

Phil Griffiths 300x227 An Industry first as RUMM employs a Low Carbon Psychologist

Phil Griffiths (pictured 2nd from left) has joined RUMM following the completion of his research on Low Carbon Behaviour with the University of South Wales.

RUMM was the first company to measure how much energy can be saved through “non-technical” or “behaviour” measures in an industrial or commercial setting. It came as a shock to a technology focussed business that non-technical savings were usually greater than technical savings. It became apparent that this area needed to be understood to minimise energy savings in the workplace and led to the sponsoring of research projects into Behavioural Science at the University of South Wales.

Phil’s research included a behavioural intervention at the Trostre works of TATA Steel which achieved a controlled and significant improvement in energy performance resulting in substantial financial savings and reduced carbon emissions.

We believe that Phil is the first Low Carbon Psychologist appointment anywhere – which is perhaps appropriate as we believe RUMM is the first company to isolate and measure the magnitude of behavioural savings due to accurate metering technology and IBASS software as a means of measuring outcomes. This is an appointment which can help deliver more energy savings for RUMM’s current and future customers.

Phil is pictured with left of picture Steve Lloyd (RUMM) and his academic supervisors at University of South Wales Jim Handley and Steve Thomas

RUMM Shortlisted in Caerphilly Business Awards 2014

RUMM are delighted to have been shortlisted for the category of “Business of the year with 25 or more employees” in this year’s Caerphilly Business Awards. We are very happy to be in the final mix with 2 other companies. It is recognition of how we have developed as a business – a few years ago we won the category with less than 25 employees. The criteria that the award is judged against is “ the business that has demonstrated outstanding and consistent achievement, particularly over the last twelve months, or that shows the greatest promise for the future”.

The finals will take place on Friday 21st November at Bryn Meadows Golf & Spa Hotel with host BBC Wales presenter Jamie Owen.

RUMM Short-Listed for Top Technology Award

RUMM has been shortlisted for the ‘Technology’ category in the Insider Made in Wales Awards 2014.

The finals take place on October 23, at the Mercure Holland House Hotel, and speakers include Dr Lyn Evans, project leader at CERN.

The recognition of being shortlisted under the technology category is particularly satisfying for us as we have launched the latest version of our Energy Management Software IBASS5 this year which has been so well received.

Dr Russell Payne (Ops Director) who is responsible for overseeing RUMM’s energy saving technology developments commented:

“RUMM’s technologies have been designed to have the functionality required by our own energy managers to save energy for our customers. Through continual improvements demanded by our energy managers our energy saving technologies have become stand-alone tools that we believe surpass anything else in the market.”

RUMM Demonstrate the Power of Data for DONG

RUMM has been working with DONG Energy as an approved delivery partner for their innovative Climate Partnerships Programme.

In July, RUMM were invited to facilitate a session at an Energy Efficiency workshop hosted by DONG Energy and the Local Government Chronicle for councils who applied for the LGC 2014 Energy Efficiency Award.  There were six councils in attendance: Durham County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire, Rugby Borough Council, Oxford City Council, Greater London Authority and West Sussex County Council.

The workshop focused on the challenges faced by councils and the importance of understanding consumption behaviour through monitoring and targeting energy usage; leveraging the benefits that additional data and energy efficiency projects can provide, through identifying opportunities for carbon footprint and cost reduction.

The event was chaired by Mike Hogg, Managing Director of DONG Energy Sales.  He commented “For me, what it all comes down to is the simple fact that the best electron or molecule is the one we don’t use. By focusing on the demand side, businesses can meaningfully reduce energy consumption – and therefore costs, which can have a very significant impact on the bottom line.  RUMM demonstrated how powerful it can be to use energy consumption information to identify savings opportunity and significantly  reduce cost and energy use.”

This sentiment was echoed by local authority energy experts in the presentations they gave during the session.

RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary

Mettis Aerospace has been a leading global manufacturer of precision-forged components across the aerospace industry since the 1930’s. Today, the majority of commercial aerospace programmes feature Mettis forgings and it’s forging expertise is recognised around the world. Mettis is a valuable supplier to industry giants such as Rolls Royce, Airbus & Boeing. In April 1999 the business was awarded The Queens Award for Export Achievement.


To mark their 75th anniversary, Mettis Aersopace held an open day at their site in Redditch and RUMM were delighted to be one of the main sponsors for this event.


RUMM recently signed a long term Energy Management contract with Mettis Aerospace which included extensive sub metering of gas, electricity, compressed air, water & effluent across the site. The automatic Monitoring & Targeting system using RUMM’s proprietary technologies (PULSE & IBASS) with advanced data analysis was deployed to identify areas for savings. RUMM’s Energy Management Services (EMS) was also embedded into the business to drive out the savings for Mettis.


Phil Taylor, CFO commented “ The forging process consumes a significant amount of power and to reduce both our costs and carbon foot print we engaged RUMM as energy management consultants. We were delighted that RUMM were one of the major sponsors of our 75th anniversary celebrations


Jamie Watkins, RUMM’s Sales Director commented “It was a pleasure to support such a big event in their history. It could clearly be seen onsite on the day that there was a huge amount of pride & passion from such a long standing employer to the area and what a fantastic turn out too. We look forward to continuing to partner with Mettis to deliver long term sustainable savings


photo4 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary photo3 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary photo2 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary photo1 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary

RUMM Opens New North American Office

RUMM is delighted to announce the establishment of its new North American office based in Florida.

The creation of this office is in-line with the business strategic plan to search for a larger customer base and explore opportunities to license RUMM’s brand overseas.  RUMM’s brand will be offered through a license distribution agreement and the RUMM USA office will have exclusive rights to offer RUMM’s specialist energy management services and products.

This development marks an exciting time for RUMM and there is great potential for its energy saving products and services that have been developed and tested for more than 10 years in the UK market to achieve considerable cost and carbon savings in the vast manufacturing US sector where the energy management market is beginning to develop strongly.

The Vice-President of the RUMM USA office is Tony Dalby. He is a successful business man with many years experience in the manufacturing sector and is excited by the prospect of building a thriving business that will address the growing demands on industry to control costs and environmental impact of their activity.


RUMM USA 300x200 RUMM Opens New North American Office


Please see more information below

RUMM – Your Best Energy Management Option

RUMM’s technology portfolio comprises data collection, visualisation, reporting, alarming and dashboards/KPI’s across a range of customers and sectors. We have the technologies to service both the industrial and commercial space however large or small the site. RUMM are confident we can provide a cost effective solution every time.

We have created a short video to help understand how it all fits together. We hope you like it.

Your Best Energy Management Toolkit Launched – IBASS 5

RUMM has launched the latest update to its energy management software – IBASS 5

The aim was to create the best energy software in the sector and to have the functionality needed for energy management.  The software was demonstrated and evaluated to an invited audience of partners and customers in July 2014 and received some very favourable reviews.


The latest upgrade represents a significant investment for RUMM.  The functional requirements were specified from the requirements that our Energy Management team have experienced from our customers.  The resulting software has features and functions designed for the industrial/commercial consumer user to save significant energy and costs.  As well as being compatible with all mobile devises there is the capability to undertake forecasting and advanced analysis.

To find out if our newest offering represents the best management toolkit for you why not contact us for a demonstration?

Don’t leave your energy saving measures half finished

By Andrew Diplock, Managing Director, UES Energy
AD 1311 small 300x199 Don’t leave your energy saving measures half finished
There are numerous actions a business can take to reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. Energy management plays a key role but it’s also important not to overlook the other end of the process – the steps you take before that precious energy even reaches you; that is, the deal you sign up to and the way you manage energy purchasing.

To do this thoroughly and professionally requires a fully integrated energy strategy that includes the energy purchasing cycle.

Unfortunately, this is often overlooked – sometimes because such measures as incorporating energy management products are more tangible, but often because buying energy cost-effectively is complicated.

There are numerous variables, enormous volatility in prices and an endless array of contract options. But while this may be daunting, getting it right can deliver major savings and significant competitive advantages.

The three aspects of buying gas and electricity that make them different from most other products or services you purchase are the timing of the purchase, your company’s appetite for risk and the skills and knowledge needed to get it right.

Timing is crucial because market prices fluctuate quickly and massively. Some changes are foreseeable, such as seasonal demand, while others, such as unrest in the Middle East, can sometimes be totally unforeseen and could send energy prices soaring in hours.

Consequently, you must clearly understand markets and the forces driving them and constantly monitor them to both take advantage of opportunities as they arise and avoid being caught flat-footed.

Different businesses have different appetites for risk and this has a profound influence on energy purchasing. Most contracts are either “fixed term” or “flexible”, the latter giving a degree of control over prices and potentially make savings – but at greater risk.

To find a contract with the right level of risk for your business you need to know the options available.

Skills and knowledge
Finally, if you are responsible for energy procurement you must be familiar with the myriad of different opportunities provided by energy suppliers and negotiate with them to get the best deals.

In all these things, familiarity, experience and industry knowledge are crucial. Energy purchasing has become an increasingly specialist full-time role and an industry of experts has grown up to operate between energy suppliers and business users. Companies like UES Energy constantly monitor market fluctuations and the full spectrum of suppliers’ contracts to help clients find the best options.

Premium airline seating manufacturer Contour Aerospace (now part of Zodiac Aerospace Group), were one company who saw the value in working with energy professionals and following great results from RUMM on their energy management, turned to UES Energy for advice for their energy purchasing.

Finance Director Alison Baker said: “(UES Energy) approach to energy procurement focuses on avoiding unnecessary cost and their advice on the timing of contract placement is backed up with detailed market intelligence. Their quality of service is reassuring and a stark difference to our previous energy broker.”

For more information on how professional energy consultants can help you purchase and manage your energy efficiently and effectively, contact or visit

RUMM Launches New Software

IBASS5 300x119 RUMM Launches New Software

On 04th July 2014 RUMM will launch a new version of software “IBASS 5” to an invited audience.

Our completely upgraded software has been designed to be “best in class” in the energy management software arena and will be presented for evaluation to an audience of valued or potential customers and strategic channel partners.

Our software has been designed by our own energy account managers based upon what functionality many of our customers need to manage energy cost and consumption. The IBASS 5 offering will have features new to us (some new to the sector) such as mobile device and forecasting. A public event featuring IBASS5, more RUMM technology and its Low Carbon Behaviour methodology will be held in September, more details will follow……..

AGCE Energy Saving Methodology – Case Study

Energy Saving Methodology Endorsed by Global Chemicals Company

AGCE Chemicals based in Blackpool is one of RUMM’s larger energy consuming customers with an annual utility bill in excess of £3m.  Stuart Ede is the Safety, Health and Environment Manager and the Energy Champion at the manufacturing site which has secured a number of energy and environmental awards for the excellent work that they have done.

Stuart values the approach that RUMM has taken working in partnership with AGCE to provide the resources to enable the company to make more informed energy related decisions and secure significant savings. In turn we recognise that the stronger the partnership between RUMM and the customer, the greater the savings potential and that AGCE have and continue to be an excellent partner.

RUMM Partnership with The Carbon & Energy Fund

Untitled RUMM Partnership with The Carbon & Energy Fund

RUMM are delighted to have entered a formal partnering arrangement with the Carbon and Energy Fund (

The Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) is a £300M+ fund that was originally established to fund and support projects in the NHS in England.  However, such has been the success of its approach (it has helped structure energy saving projects in more than 50 Hospitals) that it is expanding its operation to the Public Sector and taking in Wales and Scotland as well.

RUMM are delighted to be involved.  The innovative funding model devised and implemented by CEF looks certain to gain more traction in the Public Sector where capital funding appears to be difficult to secure for the foreseeable future yet carbon reduction targets remain.

RUMM believes the CEF model is well placed to provide a solution to this conundrum and we hope we are in a position to help in the delivery of this.

RUMM’s Sales Director to run London Marathon

RUMM’s sales director Jamie Watkins is set to run the London Marathon on 13th April this year.

Jamie’s best friend was suddenly hit with blood cancer 4 years ago and was in ICU for 4 weeks, desperately ill and fighting for his life.
He had a long hard battle to recover which he eventually won, thanks to the Anthony Nolan Trust.

Jamie will be running for the Anthony Nolan trust this year which had a huge impact on saving his friends life.
Anthony Nolan is a pioneering charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer. Every day, they use their register to match remarkable donors willing to donate their blood stem cells to people who desperately need lifesaving transplants.

This is a huge achievement for Jamie, he has been training extremely hard over the last few months, morning, noon, night and in all weather conditions. He has also had to face some tough personal and family issues along the way, but this has not deterred him.
For more on Jamie’s story, please visit Jamie’s just giving page at

Cancer will have an impact on all of us at some point during our lives whether it is us, family or friends.

We are asking if you can please show your support in beating cancer and donating as much as you possibly can.

The RUMM team would like to congratulate Jamie on his dedication and commitment to this race and we would like him to know that we are extremely proud of him.

We all wish you well for the big day Jamie and as they say….break a leg, we know you are going to “smash it”!!

RUMM Re-establishes Celtic Manor Partnership

Celtic Manor Resort – and so our first customer becomes out latest customer

In 2005, when RUMM was formed as a University spinout company, the Celtic Manor became RUMM’s first customer, and now in January 2014 our partnership has been re-established to work together to help reduce the Resort’s carbon footprint and associated running costs. We are delighted to be able to apply our energy saving technology to such a high profile venue and are confident that we can add to the significant savings that have already been achieved. The Celtic Manor Resort has enjoyed significant growth and is a renowned global brand and venue particularly since hosting the 2010 Ryder Cup. Later this year the 2014 NATO Conference will take place at the Celtic Manor, and there are plans to expand the facilities to include more luxury style lodges together with a significant conference venue.

RUMM will design and install the most appropriate energy meters with its own data collection product PULSE to gather and store the “Energy Knowledge”, to be interrogated by our own propriety software IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) that provides the “Energy Imagination” for our Energy Account Managers to deliver significant savings.

When the Celtic Manor Resort became our first customer, energy prices were less than half of what they are now. As Celtic Manor expands as a business our task will be to work with them to continually reduce the impact of future price rises through reducing consumption.

RUMM Secures Mettis Aerospace Contract

RUMM are delighted to have secured an energy management contract with Mettis Aerospace who are based in Redditch, West Midlands. The deal which was signed in January represents a considerable achievement against some stiff competition.  Key to securing the work was the complete energy management solution that RUMM can offer together with the resource of its energy management services for the customer to help deliver savings on site.  The full energy management solution includes:

  • An extensive sub-metering installation of gas, electricity, compressed air, water and effluent
  • An Automatic Monitoring and Targeting system (aM&T) utilising RUMM’s own energy savings technology of Pulse and energy management saving software IBASS
  • Advanced data analysis to identify areas for savings
  • A strong site presence to deliver the improvements in the areas highlighted
  •  Utilising the Low Carbon Behaviour research that RUMM has sponsored to communicate energy saving performance and provide feedback to all


Mettis Aerospace is a leading global manufacturer of precision-forged and machined components in titanium, aluminium and special steels. It is a highly successful and expanding business which, by its nature, is very energy intensive.

Partnering with Mettis Aerospace is an endorsement of the energy savings achievements that RUMM has already demonstrated in the manufacturing sector. Mettis Aerospace represents another huge opportunity for RUMM to apply its own energy saving technology in the aerospace sector in support of its energy management services and achieve significant savings for a significant new customer.

RUMM engages with ISO50001

There is a growing and sustained interest from companies in the international energy management standard ISO50001.

RUMM customers will be in an advanced position to secure this recognition should they wish.  Business has felt the benefit of the family of Quality, Environment  Management, as well as Health and Safety standards.  The systemised approach to energy saving methods and energy saving technology is something that RUMM has developed to achieve significant savings in partnership with its customers.

The ISO50001 approach will, if adopted correctly, save energy and carbon for companies across many sectors but particularly in the manufacturing sector which is where primarily operates.

RUMM gave a joint presentation at the Wales Quality Centre on the ISO 50001 standard, particularly on the energy savings that could be realised in the manufacturing sector through energy saving technologies and the significance of  Low Carbon Behaviour in terms of the energy savings that companies could secure.

A copy of the RUMM powerpoint presentation on 50,001, energy saving technology and methodology, and low Carbon Behaviour savings is attached.


We have saved our customers £30m in energy savings to date

 We have saved our customers £30m in energy savings to date

RUMM are a leading UK Energy Management Company based in Wales. We provide energy management solutions to our customers via our own technologies (Pulse & IBASS) and Energy Management Services (EMS). We have saved our customers over £30m in Energy Savings to date. Thank you to all our customers and partners for helping us achieve this together.

Invite to Energy Management Standard – An overview of ISO 50001

The Energy Management Standard
An overview of ISO 50001

15 November 2013 – Book now

Arrive at 8.30 for coffee and pastries
9 am start with an 11am finish.

How do you improve the Energy Performance of your organisation? This event will provide delegates with an overview of the Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 and its key requirements. Using energy efficiently helps organisations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change.  ISO 50001 supports organisations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an Energy Management System (EnMS).

The session will cover the concepts, requirements and benefits of using an energy management system based on the Standard, Developing and Managing Policies to:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Achieve energy targets
  • Reduce Costs in your business.

·         This event will also include a best practice presentation by RUMM (Remote Utility Monitoring & Management) a practical example of an energy monitoring tool.

Speakers:  Jeff Green, Executive, Wales Quality Centre  & Dr Steve Lloyd, Director RUMM

These  events are free of charge to Wales Quality Centre Members.
Non-members may also attend at a delegate rate of £45 + VAT.

RUMM in partnership with AGCCE

RUMM would like to welcome one of our newest clients, AGCCE, who have signed up with the company for a five year period.

Over this period RUMM will work closely with the AGCCE site in Blackpool to achieve energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint. We will achieve this by implementing a metering infrastructure using our RUMM Pulse and IBASS data collection, reporting and targeting solution, in conjunction with our proven Energy Management Methodology via EMS.

Jamie Watkins who signed the contract commented; “AGCCE have acted very diligently over the past 6 months in choosing RUMM as a preferred partner and we look forward to working very closely with them over the next 5 years to deliver significant savings for their business”

Venturefest 2013 in Cardiff on the 9th July

RUMM are very pleased to be chosen as one of only eight companies on show for their innovation at Venturefest 2013 in Cardiff on the 9th July.

Over 400 people attended this event and it will be run every year in Cardiff bringing together business, entrepreneurs and universities in a thought provoking environment.

The University of South Wales were a lead partner in the event. The University helped provide the framework for RUMM to develop the innovative data capture, store and reporting technology along with the energy management methodology from 2001-2005 and then subsequently commercialise the offering in 2005, which is now being sold globally. The University remain a shareholder and provide excellent R&D facilities for RUMM.

RUMM continues to provide Energy Management Solutions for its customers in the UK, Europe & the USA delivering double digit savings.

Relevant links:

RUMM Energy Management Solutions & Savings – In partnership with Enersys

RUMM was engaged at the Newport plant to design and install the most appropriate metering infrastructure, and to provide full energy management services (EMS) in order to attack the annual energy bill.

Enersys is the global leader in stored DC power products for industrial applications and has over 100 years of battery experience. It has manufacturing facilities in many countries and sales and service locations throughout the world.

Initially 66 electricity, gas and water meters were installed to provide the consumption patterns to target energy saving projects. Half hourly utility data was analysed using the RUMM IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) system.

Savings have been achieved across the site but in particular in the extraction and compressor systems where the IBASS data alarming function ensures that savings identified are achieved and will be sustained. Shutdown procedures have led to savings at no capital cost and have led to behaviour change. Low-cost, no-cost savings have been supplemented by capital projects with less than a year payback to give Enersys a structured and successful cost reduction plan.

From executive level through to the plant floor, RUMM worked in Partnership with everyone at Enersys. There has been a continuous focus from the company on their investment in the RUMM Partnership and to achieve break-even and generate net savings as soon as was practicable. The position was reported upon at each formal quarterly meeting which maintained a business footing for the Partnership. Subsequent to passing through the break-even point Enersys has invested in additional metering confident that the information generated would lead to more savings. Area benchmarking and targeting has raised the staff energy awareness — this ensures participation by all in energy saving behaviour leading to continuing success of the RUMM methodology.

“We are now enjoying savings in excess of £200k pa and have a plan to continue to drive down costs.”

Plant Manager & Director, Newport Facility, Enersys

RUMM Energy Management Solutions & Savings – In partnership with RPC

The RPC Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging. With just under 50 autonomous sites in 12 countries, the company employs in excess of 6,500 people.

RUMM was asked to investigate energy usage at RPC’s Llantrisant plant and provide solutions and suggestions for reducing the annual energy bill.

Following the completion of the aM&T system, where 17 meters were installed across the site, a benchmarking exercise then took place in order to ascertain where energy was being used and equally where it was being used non-efficiently.

RUMM and RPC then engaged in an energy management partnership to achieve savings. This included regular weekly meetings to discuss options that could save the company money.

Site analysis was carried out based on production output, SEC and this was benchmarked to reduce consumption.

As a result of the measures put in place, energy consumption in the first 5 months dropped from 1354528 kWh to 1131995 kWh, with specific energy consumption reducing by 14%. This equated to a £120k saving in the first year alone.

RUMM in partnership with Celtic Energy

RUMM would like to welcome one of our newest clients, Celtic Energy, the leading Coal Mining Company in South Wales. Celtic Energy have signed up with RUMM for a five year contract.

Initially  RUMM will implement a bespoke metering infrastructure using the RUMM Pulse and IBASS technology and go on to provide support to the Team at Celtic Energy to reduce their carbon footprint.

‘I am really pleased to secure our first coal processing company and that we could work with the team at Celtic Energy to find a bespoke solution to help reduce their energy consumption.’

Jamie Watkins, Co-Founder/ Sales Director at RUMM Ltd

Monier Redland wins award

Monier, one of RUMM’s most long established customers, recently won an environment award in a business category hosted by Blaenau Gwent Council.

The annual celebration of all things green has taken place as the borough recognised its eco-residents.

Blaenau Gwent council was the first in Wales to introduce the Environment Awards and it has quickly become a permanent fixture on the calendar.

Click here for the list of winners.

RUMM would like to congratulate Monier on this award.

“Monier have worked in partnership with RUMM for a number of years and have achieved some impressive energy reductions, for example the gas consumption has been reduced by more than 50%. It is pleasing and very well deserved that Monier’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact has been duly recognized by this award.”

Steve Lloyd, Co-Founder/ Key Accounts Director

The RUMM team continues to grow with new additions

Following our latest addition to the company, RUMM would like to warmly welcome three new additions to the current team; Elizabeth Al-bulushi, Steven Jenkins and Ross Cudlipp.

Steven is our new System Development & Support Manager. Ross has joined our expanding Energy team as an Energy Account Manager.

Elizabeth joined the team in June 2012 on temporary basis to support the Sales and Marketing team. She has now joined RUMM on permanent basis.

The team at RUMM would like to wish them well in their roles!

RUMM continues to provide bespoke Energy Management Solutions across the UK and Europe.

AGC Chemicals shortlisted for Lancashire Business Environment Awards

AGC,one of RUMM’s newest clients, was shortlisted for five categories including the Energy Efficiency For Large companies category at the Lancashire Business Environment Awards 2012.

Although AGC Chemicals did not win an award, one of their own, Stuart Ede, was the winner in the Environmental Champion category. Stuart is an Environmental Specialist at AGC and was nominated by his colleagues for his work on environmental improvements.

The Lancashire Business Environment Awards showcase the most innovative and effective initiatives by Lancashire business for achieving environmental sustainability and implementing smart business practice.

RUMM would like to congratulate Stuart Ede for this great achievement.

Click here for the link to the News page on AGC’s website.

‘Stuart was the project champion and has been key in identifying energy management opportunities at AGCCE. He was very diligent in finalising the details of the contracts with RUMM and clearly understands energy management. It’s a great achievement to win this award and very well deserved. RUMM look forward to working with Stuart and AGCCE over the long term to achieve sustainable energy savings.’

Jamie Watkins, Co Founder/ Sales Director at RUMM Ltd

RUMM continues to provide bespoke Energy Management Solutions across the UK and Europe.

Changes to the RUMM Organisation

We are extremely pleased to announce the promotion of Dr Russell Payne to the newly created position of Operations Director with responsibility for all functions within RUMM with the exception of Sales.

Russell joined RUMM in 2006 as an Energy Account Manager and progressed quickly to become team leader and more recently Operations manager. He has been instrumental in developing the management reporting systems and customer care programs which are fundamental to a growing business such as RUMM.

In addition Dr Stephen Lloyd one of the co-founders and board member of RUMM has taken up the full time position of Key Accounts Director where his career in industrial energy management and latterly research activity will be fully utilised to further develop the RUMM methodology and services for our valued clients.

Russell and Steve along with Jamie Watkins will report directly to me as we anticipate additional business growth over the coming years.

RUMM continues to provide bespoke Energy Management Solutions across the UK and Europe.

Eric J Lewis OBE

Newest addition to the RUMM team

RUMM would like to warmly welcome a new addition to the current team, Owain Wood.

Owain is an Energy account Manager and will be working closely with the energy team and clients to help achieve substantial energy and carbon savings.

The team at RUMM would like to wish him well in their roles!

A solid partnership delivers outstanding results

The Carbon Trust wrote an editorial on the success of the Behaviour Change Program employed at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Click here for the youtube video of this editorial.

Click here for the Cardiff Metropolitan University case study.

RUMM attend NEMEX event in partnership with SSE

RUMM recently attended the three day National Energy Management Exhibition (NEMEX) in May 2012 in partnership with SSE, the UK’s largest generator of renewable electricity.

The free to attend exhibition is aimed at professionals looking to find out about energy procurement, reducing energy costs, maximising energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services.

NEMEX brings together energy managers and decision makers across a range of industries all shaping the UK business approach to the latest energy crisis, it is well positioned to offer innovative technology and tackle new challenges within the energy market.

RUMM in partnership with SSE, have provided a total energy management solution for a number of clients.

Our Energy Account managers work closely with the SSE electrical and mechanical engineers to create a bespoke energy solution tailored to the client’s needs. RUMM’s overall mission is to achieve savings for all its clients.

RUMM’s sales director who attended the event, Jamie Watkins, stated that:

“It was fantastic to be chosen to partner with such a well known, forward thinking, FTSE 30 Energy Company. As a co-founder of RUMM this has been a significant milestone to reach to see that 10 years of hard work has paid off when the RUMM brand can be seen next to the SSE brand, this is priceless. I look forward to a long, healthy and prosperous partnership to add value to our customer base”.

Please click here for more information on our partnership with SSE.

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