About Us

Welcome to RUMM USALLC

If this is your first visit let us explain what we can do to help you:

If you are a commercial or industrial consumer with an annual energy spend of more than $350k we can help you reduce energy consumption.  We can also help you better understand your energy use, prioritize opportunities for reduction, track the results of energy conservation measures and, ultimately, help you change the way your business behaves towards energy use.

RUMM USALLC is the exclusive licensee of RUMM Ltd in the United States.  RUMM Ltd (an RWE nPower Company) has developed the proprietary hardware and software that we use to bring you energy visibility and reduction.  We are here to help you deliver real energy and cost reductions and, for a lot of organizations, represent the best energy management option as we bring expertise and people to your site to help.

How the process works.

The first step to analyzing and ultimately reducing energy consumption is a CAP – a Comprehensive site Audit and Plan that will provide the following:

  1. A detailed design for a site metering infrastructure that incorporates existing meters and collection technology, is capable of providing sufficient information to generate savings and validate utility bills.
  2. A prioritized list of potential energy conservation measures, including ROI for measures requiring capital investment.
  3. Data analysis of your existing ½ hourly utility supply data using RUMM software demonstrating how monitoring analysis can highlight saving opportunity at your site.
  4. An estimate of the potential reduction in energy consumption for the site.

Following the CAP, we will work with you to provide:

  • Installation of a metering infrastructure including our PULSE Data Collection Hardware
  • Access to RUMM cloud based analytics (IBASS) for energy consumption at the site or for multiple sites
  • A dedicated RUMM USALLC Energy Manager to help you maximize energy reductions and provide project management for Energy Conservation Measures.
  • Regular reports tracking Energy Conservation results against the business plan

Call us to find out how our approach can work at your facility.